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Give yourself and your staff the skills and training to effectively transmit messages that will resonate!


Reacting Without Alienating

The Reactive Approach for Principals

How can I shift reacting to nonconformity from an uncomfortable task to a not-to-be missed opportunity?  How can I tackle noncompliance using an all-encompassing approach?

Reacting is an inevitable component of every school setting. Formulate an empowering approach to effectively reach students for long-lasting impact and influence.

What is included

7 video sessions 

Practical interactive classes that will create a mindset shift along with a detailed, learnable approach  - the skillset to create the school environment envisioned.


Charts, diagrams and assignments that will assist a principal in pinpointing the areas in their school that they feel need  change and improvement.


Post-course one on one consultation with the school’s administrative staff to tailor the approach so that it is effective for the needs of their school. 

Mrs. B. Kaufman

 Junior High Asst. Principal

Joan Dachs Bais Yaakov, Chicago, IL

We as a school have been fortunate to have participated in Mrs. Zelcer’s program. School-wide we have seen a shift in how our Moros approach challenging situations. They feel empowered to deal with students who are displaying difficulties, they feel they now have the tools to have a productive conversation and feel empowered to find solutions! We strongly recommend training your administration and teachers in this approach!

Mrs. F. Jakubovics


Yeshiva of Spring Valley, Monsey, NY

Our school has changed in so many ways since we’ve implemented the Penimi approach. This year, based on the training, we went into each classroom at the beginning of the year and had conversations, based on the model we learned, with each individual class, regarding school policies. It was a fascinating experience. The conversations were smooth – with all of the information being drawn from the students and having them come up with solutions to figure out everything. Our moros keep remarking, “Wow, look at how they shared and how open they were to share their questions. Look how they welcomed everything the principals were saying!” So, we’re off to a good start. We also keep using the conversation model when there is a need to react to an infraction and the results are astounding. It takes a potentially confrontational situation and turns it into a pleasant, solution-oriented exchange. Thank you!

Mrs. T. Greenblatt  


Bais Yaakov of St. Louis

The webinar was phenomenal, informative and enjoyable. The presentation was thought out, professional, included lots of life experience and much humor. We thoroughly gained from them. These presentations have given our team a common language and a forum to discuss oft-avoided topics. It gave us very clear, precise direction to how to handle various issues. It helped us see the issues clearly through a consistent lens of chinuch. The assignments were a turning point for me... because I actually practiced the entire 6 prong (instead of half-heartedly trying....)

Thank you so much for all that you did to help us with getting better at these difficult conversations. You make it fun, interactive, meaningful and uplifting. We’ve implemented the approach in our school and it has helped us effectively handle many situations that have come up, and the impact on our school has been transformative. Thank you!

Tznius Teacher Training

Apprehensive about teaching tznius? Not only broach the topic but teach the subject confidently and accurately! Comprehensive background and sources will enable teachers to transmit accurate and age appropriate messages with confidence. This course is provided in conjunction with Penimi’s Junior High Tznius curriculum.


What you will learn

2 video sessions packed with information and resources

Gain clarity and motivation with handouts and source material

How to create the classroom environment so that students are engaged and involved

Mrs. M. Saperia

Bais Yakov Manchester

I found it [the approach] so powerful. To help the girls to connect with the neshama element of themselves. The amount of research that was put into the curriculum was really apparent. Things we don’t have that much time to research ourselves… although we’d love to! It’s so well thought out. It is properly thought through from the girl’s perspective. How to give them that awareness and that understanding. This is such a sensitive subject. So many girls can get switched off from it. It’s such a loaded topic for the girls. But, when taught the right way, with that approach, it is B”H successful. ... This is a real tool because its backed with that research and it makes so much sense!Also,on a practical note, the lesson plans are so all-encompassing. You make it so easy for us. It’s not like you’re just giving ideas. Everything is there – including where to find the resources. So, thank you for developing this incredible curriculum that my school has benefitted from so tremendously.

Mrs. B. Epstein

Torah Day School Dallas

I gained a clear vision of the change we want to create in our students’ perception of tznius and of themselves. This is exactly the message I want my girls to hear - that we focus on our neshama, and the guf is important (as the vessel for that neshama). The Torah sources are clearly presented and essential to knowing that what we are teaching is emes, Torah is ratzon Hashem, not my own personal “feelings” or “sensitivities”. Thank you so much and kol hakavod to you for what is clearly years of time, effort and true desire to create positive change in klal yisrael and for our precious b’nos yisrael specifically. I’m enclosing a note I received from a student. I originally thought tznius was just about how we dress. I didn’t realize how many parts there are to tznius. I learned about focusing on the internal, not the externals. I very much enjoyed the lessons. I had a lot of fun in this program. I learned more about myself and what I really think.


Technology Teachers Training

Are students equipped to successfully navigate the digital era? Enable students to make responsible, healthy choices and live rich, vibrant, wholesome lives with true connection to others, and to themselves. This course is provided in conjunction with Penimi’s Junior High Technology curriculum.


What you will learn

Techniques to help students take ownership and responsibility for decisions they make

Teacher directed facilitation of classroom discussion

Mrs. M. Cohen

BYA, Flatbush

I just taught the introductory lesson and it was amazing. The lesson was so brilliantly done! The girls were open and honest, as we discussed why we need to learn this curriculum. The mehalech and the construction of the lesson creates such a comfortable level in the classroom that makes the students be really honest. They feel that we can relate to them and they can relate to us, so it’s easy to get across the message of the lesson. The dynamic is such that they don’t feel like the teacher is removed. They feel like we are in it with them. We are doing this together. We'll figure this out together. This curriculum is not being taught 'at you' it’s being taught 'with you'. That makes ALL the difference. Looking forward to a productive year with my students. Thank you!

Ms. F. Tyberg

Monsey, New York

First of all, it’s an unbelievable eye opener, even for me. It really presents technology as something that impacts my life through the choices I make, rather than - I go along with life and things happen to me and I take along what comes along. The curriculum clarifies a lot and gives the girls ideals and ideas. And they take to it, B”H! The lessons are amazing. The lessons are created in a way so that nobody is fighting with you. And, the students aren’t fighting us, because we’re not fighting them. The mehalech works, with siyatte dishmaye.

Teshuva Webinar

Did you think it’s only for Elul? Explore a topic that pertains to every day of the year. Learn how to set a tone in the classroom that will nurture an authentic relationship and bond with Hashem that will influence the entire year


What you will learn

Transform the vision of who your students are—and who they can become.

Connect to the pristine radiance of your students’ neshamos, and show them that they can connect to it too

Empower your students to make good choices

Mrs. S. D.

And I wanted to tell you that I enjoyed last night’s webinar  very much.  Everything is min hashamaim. I had the opportunity to use what Mrs. Zelcer was speaking  about, immediately. I had an issue yesterday in school that I was able to deal with effectively and now I feel focused and invigorated.  Thanks so much!

Mrs. H. Krakauer

Machon Chen, Zurich

 It was really incredible! I needed this missing piece of information! I love the reset button or I would think of it as the default button- the way Hashem actually made us- a chelek elokai m'maal that was and always is close to Hashem. And it really works- when we zoom in to the deepest part of a person- they end up responding in a very positive way! When people look past our mistakes- to who we really are or want to be, then we just react well- and just spring back to being the real person we really are. We don't keep spiraling down...  


LinkUp Facilitators Training

Free access to facilitators of LinkUp groups

Wondering how to conduct a successful and engaging learning group where everyone feels welcome, secure and at ease? Would you like to know how to create a group dynamic that engenders fantastic discussion and a great experience for all? This course will give you the tools and skills to create the right atmosphere and tone to form a cohesive group.


What you will learn

How to maintain a non-judgmental and neutral environment

How to encourage sharing and discussion

Important components of consistent learning groups

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