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Empower your students to deal with their personal modern-day challenges.

Encourage long-term student adherence, not only short-term compliance.

Create an open, trusting environment where students feel accepted, not judged.

Respond to violation of school rules with a proven, solution-oriented approach THAT WORKS!

Maximize your impact. Learn how to:

Give your students a chinuch for life.

Training Programs & Seminars

1:1 Principal Consultations 

Create an individualized

6-pronged Reactive Plan for your school. 

School-wide Team Training and ongoing professional development for kodesh and chol teachers - in person or via Skype

Parent Workshops

inform parents about current issues and teach them to communicate effectively with their teenage children


I've changed the way I view my students and my entire way of speaking with  them.

Teacher at BY Grammar, Golders Green

London, UK

The way you build up trust and honesty creates magic. My students say that they feel really understood and are so appreciative that someone is taking the time to really explain things to them.

Mrs. Gitty Friedman, BY Adass Yisroel

Melbourne, Australia

I took some of the skills I learned in the training workshop and implemented them in my classroom the very next day. They worked like a dream. Now that I know the whole science behind changed my whole way of thinking and preparing a lesson.

Mrs. Tova S.

Brooklyn, NY

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