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Tznius is central to a woman's mitzvah observance; to her very identity. 

So why do so many of our daughters  feel uncomfortable speaking about it?

Penimi is changing the dialogue surrounding tznius - one classroom at a time.

Our full-year high school curriculum explores the mitzvah of tznius using a refreshingly novel approach based on Torah sources and intellectual understanding of the concept of modesty. It offers students a view of the topic in a way they've never experienced before.

Currently taught in 100+ high schools, the course builds positive associations with this special mitzvah - one that protects the grace and dignity of Jewish women, despite the degradation of the world around us. Thought-provoking class discussions help students internalize the lessons while building a healthy relationship with tznius so that it becomes a treasured part of their lives.


Tznius is...depth, quality, beauty, appropriateness, dignity, and being an internally focused person.

Tznius helps us maintain the power and potency of truth in a world of external values - where there's so much illusion and exaggerated exposure...that the core reality gets distorted.

After the sin of Adam and Chava, man was suddenly comprised of two entities: a vibrant neshama and a vocal guf, each vying for its own needs. Hashem called out to man, "Ayeka?" Who are you? Are you a guf that has a neshama, or a neshama that has a guf?

The more one identifies with his inner self, the more self-esteem the individual will have.

Help your students uncover these profound insights as they explore the mitzvah of tznius, and teach them to

preserve their modesty and self-dignity for a lifetime.

Tznius Courses:

High School 

Grades 11-12

Junior High 

Grades 7-8

High School Year-long curriculum includes 21 units replete with hashkafa- and halacha-based Torah sources

Includes intensive training and ongoing teacher support to help teachers effectively deal with sensitive issues

High School Choveres is a course supplement that enhances active participation and retention of lessons.

Give your students  true appreciation for

the exalted beauty of tznius.

Contact us today to bring the 

Penimi Tznius Curriculum to your school.


It changed my perspective on I no longer despise this mitzvah. On a scale of 1-10, I would rate this class as a 17. How do the writing critics phrase it? "A MUST-READ!" It was a whole new way of learning and really was an amazing class.

Sara, Twelfth Grader

Baltimore, MD

What I love about the style of the  curriculum is: information, inspiration, awareness; and then    let the girls fly with it on their  level. There's no telling them what to do; it's allowing each girl to explore on her own - and that is the recipe for making the girls grow.

Mrs. Frankel, Principal of Bais Yaakov D'Rav Hirsch

Monsey, NY

I just started the lesson on Busha and I am astounded anew at the potency and brilliance of the work. The concepts, the build-up, the relevance; I am awed and grateful to be zoche to share in spreading this message.

Mrs. Fayge Loewi, Assistant Principal Masores Bais Yaakov HS

Brooklyn, NY

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