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Penimi’s story is the saga of our generation.

Though we may be inundated by a culture of superficial values and moral confusion, we each yearn to build our inner essence.

Penimi means My Essence.

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people like you develop the self-awareness and inner strength to hold on to your deepest convictions - despite the challenging realities of our time.

Penimi was founded in 2013 to fill a gaping void.

Teachers were concerned. The existing system for handling contemporary challenges was built on rules and restrictions; But it simply wasn't enough.

Today's complex realities demand more - more education and inspiration that will encourage students to engage with their inner selves.

A new, proactive approach was desperately needed.

But who would help?

Penimi stepped up to the challenge.

Our first-of-its-kind educational model guides children, teens, and adults to explore how today's culture impedes their inner growth and moral development. Through a combination of Torah sources and evidence-based methods, it empowers students to build their inner essence.

The Penimi approach embraces students instead of pushing them away. It invites students to learn and motivates them to adhere to our value system. Because true Torah values have become an intrinsic part of who they are.

Penimi enables students to acquire the tools they need to make informed, Torah-true choices.

Now and in the future.

It’s the dawn of a new era in dealing with contemporary challenges.

Join the Penimi Revolution.


Penimi’s mission is to empower every Jewish child and adult to develop the skills, self-awareness and commitment they need to confront the immense challenges of our time-challenges to our culture, ethics, and values.

Our vision is to motivate each individual to explore and develop his/her intellectual, emotional and spiritual connection to the values that are integral to our identity as Torah Jews.

Dozens of schools, hundreds of educators, and thousands of individuals across the USA and internationally utilize our innovative, non-judgemental curricula for inspiration and practical support as they navigate technology and contemporary culture, while remaining steadfast to our Torah values.



Rabbinical Endorsements

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