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It’s 2021. 

Technology is a big part of the world we live in.

And technology is here to stay.

But consider this:

How does the digital culture affect your inner self?

The data is in, and it’s not good. Current research proves that digital media is increasingly affecting us in ways we never imagined. The constant stream of data leads to disengagement from real relationships, from listening to one's inner voice, from simply thinking.

Digital culture is slowly eroding our Torah values – traditional values like privacy, self-control, silence, inner depth, and building genuine relationships.

How can we balance a life of kedusha 

with the present technological reality?

HaRav Elya Brudny, shlita

Rosh Yeshiva of Mir Brooklyn, Rabbinic Advisor to Penimi


"Mrs. F. Zelcer and a team of mechanchos have developed a curriculum that will not only teach students about the grave dangers that abound in a digital generation; but one that will provide them with the information and inspiration to have the inner strength, discipline, and self-development needed to withstand such nisyonos when they arise. I have been closely involved in planning this curriculum, and I have sat with Mrs. Zelcer and reviewed it in depth."

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The Penimi High School Technology Curriculum is a year-long interactive course that equips students with a deep understanding of how technology affects our belief system. Its highly customizable design allows it to be modified to meet the standards set forth by each community.

And it’s working in tens of schools. 

The gradual processing of information, with responsive give-and-take, allows students to form a new perspective about digital media. A perspective that becomes their own.

Technology Courses:

High School 

Grades 11-12

Junior High 

Grades 7-8

Teacher handbook with research-based lesson plans

Age-appropriate curriculum

Hands-on student activities and projects


give-and-take format

Gift your students with the clarity to make informed, Torah-true choices.

Contact us today to bring the

Penimi Technology Curriculum to your school.

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