Learning Program

Empower yourself and guide your family

through the tempest of technology.

The digital age, with its headlong rush into technological advancement, threatens to erode our deepest values. Our relationships. Our very humanity.

But it's complicated.


We live, shop, work, drive, travel – and parent – in this fast-paced, twenty
first century world.

The digital age requires thought-provoking dialogue.

Change occurs. Progress has no pause button. What is within our hands is to assess the way these changes impact Torah society, analyze its impact on our value systems, relationships, inner world, and the essence of a Torah Jew. By doing so, we can formulate an intelligent and sustainable approach to the world of today.

LinkUp is an innovative learning program, developed under the guidance of leading Rabbanim. LinkUp is designed to empower women with the knowledge, tools, and confidence to live in accordance with authentic Torah values in the digital age.

Published in book format - LinkUp combines Torah sources and psychological studies to build an in-depth picture of the impact digital technology is having on our relationships....communication satisfaction...priorities...and our deepest, most authentic selves.

Designed to be learned in small study groups, our new book, Link Up, offers a unique opportunity to think, reflect, and discover how we can develop the most essential part of ourselves - our inner world - despite the fast pace of the digital world we live in.

Be part of a dynamic process, discussing pressing issues and important themes with a group of like-minded participants.

Study the interplay between technology and vibrant Torah living.

Learn the language you need to build an effective dialogue with your children about the digital challenges we face.

Start a new group or join an existing group in your area today!

It's as simple as....