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Bringing It Together
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Intro Message

Stepping Stones: Navigating Covid19 One Step at a Time

Stepping Stone 1 - Finding Centeredness - How Do We Begin?

Stepping Stone 2 - Finding Centeredness - One Task

Stepping Stone 3 - Finding Presence

Stepping Stone 4- Finding Tiny Pockets of Presence 

Stepping Stone 1- Mind the Gap!

Stepping Stone 2- Tefilla/Serenity- Putting the Pillar of Our Lives Back Into Its Right Place

Stepping Stone 3- Tefilla/Serenity-More Energy Here

Stepping Stone 4- Tefilla/Serenity- Relinquishing Control

Stepping Stone 5- A Time To Reboot

Stepping Stone- Receiving The Ultimate Gift

When Do You Feel Alive? Do you even know what makes you YOU?

Stepping Stone - Even a broken bridge can be crossed

Erev Shabbos Messages

Shabbos- Feeling the Purpose of the Journey

Satisfaction of A Job Well Done

A Different Kind of Relationship

Erev Shabbos- Longing to be Unified

Completing The Circuit

Other Messages

Lag B'omer- With Me, Here, Today.

Erev Shavuos- Nothing More Precious

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